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  • REACT Pilot project in Trondheim

The Norwegian team has started the implementation of its pilot in Trondheim. Since September 2021, our team has observed sustainability education at partner schools and developed/tested our new Virtual Reality (VR) environment for climate change action. VR school visits with so many pupils and teachers were a great challenge to the NTNU’s team.

Project coordinator Irina discusses climate change with Pagina V in Chile. (2/1/2020). In original Spanish


  • REACT Global Release

REACT has started its global release and is publishing calls to join through global mailing lists. The aim is to assemble participants from 100+ countries and all representative fields by next autumn.

  • REACT Campaign 

In September 2022, REACT will release a call for the production of lectures, interviews, and films with leading scientists and actors from all over the world with translations to all major languages. These will enter our mass and social media campaigns in the spring & autumn of 2023.

  • REACT Climate Change Conference

REACT is organizing an online climate change conference featuring all connected fields of research at the beginning of 2023. It will highlight the field of parapsychology with new climate-related experiments of telekinesis and remote viewing. The information will be published and distributed in early autumn, 2022.

REACT on the Media

Ongoing Implementation of REACT

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