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Non-academic Partners 

The Venus Project presents a bold plan of action for social change towards a peaceful and sustainable global civilization. Utilizing the methods of science, the Project focuses on the intelligent management of Earth's resources, along with the reclamation and preservation of the environment, to benefit the lives of all, equitably. 

The Venus Project

Future visions for the VR


App design

The Oroeco app is designed to promote individual environmental actions and enable reductions in the individual greenhouse gas emissions at a large scale.

With the Oroeco app one can track the carbon footprint of all their actions, making it easier for the user to understand where they can make the biggest difference.


Including the kids

GeoFort is a science centre for the future of planet Earth, situated in the heart of the Netherlands. The centre focuses on raising awareness, inspiring and motivating people to think about energy transition and climate change in their own environment, in a fun and positive way.  In 2016 GeoFort was named World’s Best Children’s Museum, thanks to their ability to make complicated subjects understandable and fun. 

Spætt Film

Film Production

Spætt Film AS is one of the biggest production companies in Trondheim, Norway. Since its establishment in 2006, Spætt has made over 300 commercials. In addition to corporate productions, Spætt Film AS produces short films, documentaries and feature films.  

Pagina V


Página V is a magazine with a multimedia platform originating from Chile’s Bío Bío Region, which covers news and affairs about the environment and its preservation, sustainability, human development, circular economy, recycling, renewable energies, electro mobility, science, innovation and education at local, regional, national and global scales. 

Trondheim Science Centre


Trondheim science centre offers a hands-on experience where children and adults together can play, learn and explore. The centre’s primary concern is conveying the excitement of scientific work and experiments, rather than just the scientific results. The centre has about 85 000 visitors every year and they work closely with Trondheim municipality and NTNU as well as local businesses.

Charlottenlund Upper Secondary School

Climate change education at schools

Charlottenlund upper secondary school is located six km east of the city centre of Trondheim. The school has ca.1200 students and 200 employees and is currently lead by Marit Flak Stovner - the headmaster. The school offers both vocational and general studies with a wide range of different subjects.

The school is one of a kind upper secondary school participating in the 'University school collaboration in Trondheim (USSiT)'.

Strinda Upper Secondary School

Climate change education at schools

Strinda Upper Secondary School is located in Trondheim. It offers a wide range of specialisations, including academic preparation for university, studies within electronics, cooking, health and sports. A common focus area for all specialisations is sustainability. The school aims at having a strong focus on sustainability in all its activities and has established interdisciplinary teams amongst both students and teachers to cooperate on these activities.

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