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Calls for Research Proposals: Join or Initiate

If you want to submit a national or regional proposal, please, share the information about your deadlines for proposals and budget limits with us (Contact: Admin Team)

Funding Strategy


Strategy: From national to regional, EU to intercontinental levels.


Stage 1: Applications for national funding in each partner country (with local adjustments to comply with the budgets and funding programs).

Stage 2: Forming regional cores for specific funding programs (Climate-KIC, Nordic collaboration, Germany-Switzerland-Austria coalition, priority partners on national funding programs, etc.).

Stage 3: Application for multinational funding through the EU with an involvement of strategic external partners and international funding schemes.


The REACT funding strategy has several major aspects:

  • Creation of interdisciplinary teams in each partner country,

  • The critical mass of successful national proposals = > increased chances for the success of national proposals in other countries (demonstrated by the project MAGIC-DML),

  • Gradual improvement and adjustment of the REACT strategy to the specifics of each country,

  • Knowledge of local aspects gained through national proposals leads to increased chances of success of regional and larger (EU and international) proposals.

Upcoming multinational calls:

Autumn 2022: LIFE calls for proposals 2022 within individual call targets (e.g., mitigation, adaptation, climate action):

Spring 2023: Marie Sklodowska-Curie Doctoral Networks

Earlier Calls:

November 13th, 2019: NordForsk - Call for Interdisciplinary Research (up to NOK 120 million) ​- Reconnaissance

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